Daniel John Keefer


Professional Web Wizard


Enthusiastic Tech Utopian

Husband, Father and Friend

🧔 A little about me

I love tech. They say any sufficiently advanced tech is like magic to the uninitiated, and who doesn't want to be a Wizard? I love to use React and Typescript to turn problems into magic on the internet. Outside of tech, I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for 9 years and have two wonderful daughters. I love to cook as a bit of a zen activity to avoid burnout, my pickled onions are to die for. What's left of my free time get spent telling stories with friends through role playing games. Currently I enjoy helping one of my best friends to develop a rules system for telling stories called Omen.

🚀 The Timeline


I am working as a Wizard for VaxApp, fixing up all things frontend with a stellar team. I'm using React and Typescript across multiple projects to help deliver products that help Nurses and the Community streamline the vaccination process.


Jan 2022

My wife broke her leg! And we have stairs in our house. She and my daughters had to move into the in laws home while I took care of the pets at home. It was five long months of missing my family and I am very grateful to my in laws for looking after them during that time..


Nov 2021

I made the decision to take on bigger challenges at VaxApp. It was a tough decision at the time but it has paid off. I love the culture and the team, and I get to help a lot of people with my dev skills whilst growing my skills at a much faster pace.


Mar 2021

I finally arrived in the Tech world! I got my first real industry position at Orange Digital. An agency full of wonderful people and amazing ideas about how work culture should be. I can't thank the friends I made there during my time at Orange enough. Love you guys!


Feb 2021

After a year of bustin' hump, working part time, studying part time and juggling friends and family. I had finished my boot camp at Coder Academy and I was ready to take my new skills and kill it in Tech.


🧑‍💻 Side Projects

Omen Docs

My friend Ben is developing a new Table top RPG influence by all the best parts of his favourite systems designed to let the story be in the control of the players and not the dice. I built him this website so the rules could be easily accessed by our friends who play. Built with Next.js, Prisma, Sanity, tRPC and Typescript.

See it liveRead the code

Poke League Tool

My friends were running a couple of leagues amongst our selves and wanted a tool to help them manage their teams. I built this tool to primarily make it easier for us to make a cool little trainer card that displayed the pokemon on each team. Built with React, styled with Ant Design and deployed to Netlify.

🤙 Get in touch

I love talking Star Trek, programming, table top role playing games and philosophy. If you want to break ice, I'll talk on these topics for hours. You can catch me on these platforms: